Mummy and Daddy went away on holiday and this time, instead of going down to stay with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron in Edinburgh I went back to my other favourite home which is the private Boarding Kennels in Kingswells run by Mandy Innes.  She takes in dogs one or two at a time and I have been there before.  Daddy had not told me where we were going but when we arrived at the House and he opened the boot of the car I recognised it instantly.  Daddy has told me that whenever my predecessors Ollie and Jamie,  arrived at kennels, and they recognised where they were, they would shake like a leaf and try to run away. I don’t. I am much braver, and as soon as I knew where I was, I went up to the doorway and eagerly ran inside and spent a happy couple of weeks with Mandy.

It was very pleasant. As last time I had all my favourite toys with me and my normal food, but this time it was completely different.  Half way through my holiday  another dog arrived, a girl called Cali.  After the initial period when we sniffed each other all over, we got on like a house on fire.  We each had our normal beds but Mandy told Daddy that when she came down in the morning she would sometimes find both of us sleeping together in the same bed. Shhhh don’t tell Mummy.

My friend Cali

My friend Cali & I


Naturally when Daddy came home to collect me I was delighted to see him, and when we got back to the house I rushed inside eagerly trying to find Mummy who welcomed me back.

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