39th Food Tasting Dinner

Well I’ve missed out again.  Daddy, Mummy and a number of my friends from the Estate attended the 39th Food Tasting Dinner at Inchmarlo to sample new recipes for inclusion in the menus for Residents in the Care Home, Home Owners eating in the Bar, family parties and food delivery to Home Owners.  Everybody benefits – except me.  They sampled:

Red Mullet Soup
Gary Rhodes

Country Ham Mousse
The Inn at Little Washington D.C.

Crab Cakes
David Burke, New York

Slow roast Pork with Kentish Apple Tart, Leeks and Cauliflower Cream
Gary Rhodes

Treacle Tart
Heston Blumenthal, London

My Grandmother’s Rhubarb Pizza
The Inn at Little Washington D.C.


All I got to eat was some of the Country Ham Mousse and the pork.  I love ham and fish and I absolutely loved the Ham Mousse.  I only got a small bit of the pork, which I must say was delicious – mixed up with my usual dried up Pedigree Chicken and Rice dog food.  I would  have  loved to have tasted the rest but I was not given the opportunity.   I’m afraid the story that  “it’s a dog’s life” is true.

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