Tropicana Fun

I have been out to Inchmarlo a few times and gone in to see my favourite Residents. Either  Karen or Jill take me round to  speak to my friends, I give them a couple of licks and they give me a couple of hugs – doing my usual duty as Therapy Assistant (Canine).

One of the visits however was different.  One of my all time favourite games back home is when Mummy gives me an empty plastic litre soda bottle or a Tropicana juice carton, takes the screw top off,  throws it on to the kitchen floor and I jump up, attack it and rip it to pieces. The plastic bottle skites all over the lino and it makes a tremendous crackling noise as I crunch it and chew it to bits. Daddy gave me one in the Red Drawing Room and I showed the Residents what I could do and how fierce I can be. Great fun.

Let the games begin!

We went out over the weekend and after Mummy and Daddy had lunch we walked all round the Estate, around Westfield and through the woods. We looked at the Rainbow Garden and then we walked around The Courtyard and Pinefield and walked back to the car.  It was a gorgeous day and I had a super time. We met a few Home Owners who of course came and asked Mummy and Daddy how I was before they asked them how they were!  But of course I’m used to that.

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