Well a lot has happened since I last wrote my blog.  Daddy and Mummy went to London for a conference on retirement communities and villages and then Daddy and Susie went and visited a number of them in Kent.  Naturally I couldn’t live on my own so I went to have another holiday with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron.  I had a number of my favourite toys with me and since I had stayed there in their home in Greenbank Village in Edinburgh before, I felt completely at home. When Daddy comes home at night and reads The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, I get my knotted rope in my mouth and nudge his arm.  I keep doing this until he puts his paper down and tries to grab one of the knots.  I am so quick that I move my head just before he can grab it – but then I feel sorry for him and make it easy for him to grab it.  We then get into my favourite game – a tug-o-war.  When that happens I growl like a lion and pull like mad for a long time. In fact I growl so loud if it was not me growling I would scare myself.

When we are in Edinburgh, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron play the same game but since there are 4 of them I can play for much longer than I can with Daddy. Of course I’m much younger than they are and occasionally get tired so I go and have a snooze. I snore so loudly I sometimes drown out the television.  After I have a snooze I then pick up my knotted rope or my rubber ring and start nudging their arms again.

Occasionally I get into trouble when they are drinking: sometimes I nudge their arms and it spills out of the mug.

I didn’t misbehave at all during my holidays in Edinburgh except when Jennifer got very exasperated with the amount of dog poo she had to pick up from the garden and unfortunately my pee burns the grass.

One of the highlights of my visit to Edinburgh was when we drove to Gullane and we all walked along the beach.  When Daddy was at school in Musselburgh he used to run every day regardless of whether it was sun, rain or snow to get exercise.  On weekends they used to have to cycle down to Port Seaton and occasionally all the way to Gullane – phew I couldn’t walk all that way.  Daddy told me that you don’t pronounce it like Gull-An so  I regretted that I couldn’t speak in a language that other people could understand because at least I would have pronounced it correctly – Gill-An.

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