23 October was Inchmarlo’s second Garden Open Day of the year.  The first one was on 22 May when it was absolutely gorgeous and Mummy and I walked all over the gardens.  Visitors would come up and speak to me and Mummy would give them my business card and we would  have a chat and a laugh and they would say what a handsome and friendly dog I am – quite true.

But on 23 October, it was a pleasant day in the morning, but by the time we got to Inchmarlo, the weather had changed and it was not particularly nice.  There were occasional spits of rain during the day, not too much and I wasn’t worried about it at all despite the fact that I didn’t have a coat on but I was brave and I put up with the rain.  Mummy and I did our usual job and walked all round the garden and spoke to people but unfortunately there were a lot fewer than previously.  Susie was in charge of the plant stall, Phyllis was in charge of the entrance money at South Lodge; Colin was in charge of the kitchen and everything went well except for the small numbers of people. 

In the summer Garden Open Day 55 people came and our donation to Scotland’s Gardens Scheme’s charities and Alzheimer Scotland was £1464, unfortunately this time our donation to Scotland’s Gardens Scheme Charities and the Forget-Me-Not-Club in Banchory was only £314.00. This was disappointing since the autumnal colours looked absolutely gorgeous.  I heard Daddy telling a visitor that he thought about doing an Autumn Garden Open Day because some years ago he and Mummy had gone on one of these cruises to see the fall colours in Canada, but the Maples had not changed and when they came back to Inchmarlo they saw more fall colours than in Canada!

Autumnal Colours at Inchmarlo

We had an unusually warm fall – to use the American expression – this year but last week the weather changed, so the autumnal colours were very nice – just far too few people to see them.

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