Inchmarlo BBQ

Thursday was the time of the annual Inchmarlo BBQ.  So Daddy, Jennifer and I went out to Inchmarlo and I spoke to a number of my friends in the House and after they arrived some of the Home Owners. However, since we were early I went round the back to meet three of the young Care Assistants, Danielle, Sheri and Zoe.

My young Care Assistant Friends

They very kindly took me for a walk, which I enjoyed, and then when we came back Colin gave me a piece of the barbequed sausage which I enjoyed very much.

A Tasty Bit of Sausage


Then even better the three Care Assistants gave me a whole sausage.  My goodness it was good.

Sharing with Friends

Time was now ready for the BBQ to begin and Colin and all his staff were wearing very colourful outfits.

The Buffet Table

They served all the home owners with hamburgers, chicken wings, sausages, salads etc. Despite the fact that I’m on the staff, all I got was a couple of sausages.

Everyone Enjoying the Wonderful Food

 Daddy and Jennifer went through to the bar and had their hamburger together with the two Customer Liaison ladies, Margaret and Judy.

I enjoyed my visit, as ever, to Inchmarlo and when I came back home I was tired out from being given a walk by the three girls and speaking to a number of home owners so I settled into my favourite bean bag and had a good rest.


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