Humphrey meets the Therapets

Oh what a busy week I’ve had. Pamela and Charlie were up and then first Jennifer and then Graeme arrived so my home was very full. I was doing my usual supervision of Charlie’s activities and I was rushed off my feet and hardly had a moment to myself. Since they’ve left I have been snoozing and snoring almost constantly.

Fortunately Charlie didn’t put on his Roman Centurion outfit  and wave his sword all over the place, banging it onto table tops, so I wasn’t as frightened as I was on his previous visit. When I came home from a walk with Daddy in the Den, Charlie wasn’t anywhere to be seen and my home was quiet.  I instantly concluded he was having his bath and while I normally go upstairs very, very slowly, on this particular occasion I charged upstairs to catch him in his bath before he got out.  Unfortunately  he had a water pistol which he insisted on filling with water and firing at me. I didn’t like that at all so I went and hid behind Pamela.


As you know, my official title is Therapy Assistant (Canine) in Training. The reason why it has got the words “In Training” is that while I’ve been visiting since I was 12 weeks old Inchmarlo has had two official “Therapets” visiting the residents for many, many years. They are owned by Fiona Stalker and she goes round other homes in Banchory with Ebony and Poppy. Ebony is a 12 year old black Labrador and is very sweet and remarkably calm.  Poppy is a three-year old tri-coloured Border Collie and is sweet, very excitable and just as loving to the residents as Ebony. Here they are in a photograph taken at the front of Inchmarlo House with Ebony and Poppy sitting either side of Fiona. Don’t they look good?

Therapets Inchmarlo

Ebony, Fiona and Poppy

Ebony and Poppy visit care homes under the auspices of Canine Concern Scotland.

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