Humphrey’s Business Card

So many people have come up to me around Inchmarlo, new Home Owners, their family and friends and said “oh so this is Humphrey”, so I decided I really should, as an important member of staff, have my own business card printed. It has been done so on Friday after lunch we went out and Jill collected me and took me through to the Red Drawing Room where I went round and did all my usual visitations and cheered people up and then Jill handed out to all the residents present my business card.

Inchmarlo business card humphrey

My very own business card!

If any of the people who read my blog would like a copy please write to me at: Humphrey, Inchmarlo House, Banchory, AB31 4AL. And I would be happy to send you one.

Later that afternoon, things got darker for me. When I was sitting in the back of the Mitsubishi Daddy saw me suddenly running round in a circle in the very small space. He calmed me down, because quite frankly I was getting in a panic, and later that night when I was lying on my beanbag, trying to drown out the noise of the television with my snoring I suddenly got up and bolted from the study through to the hall. Now I normally refuse to go through any doorway unless the door is wide open because I’m afraid of narrow entrances, but this time my panic took hold and I rushed through and again ran round and round in circles. Daddy knew immediately what was wrong and that was that I was having trouble with my anal gland. So on Saturday morning he phoned Ardene and we got an appointment in the afternoon.

My rear area wasn’t bothering me at that time so I marched in, cheerful as usual, spoke to the nice receptionist who gave me a treat, spoke to two or three other dogs and everything was going fine. Then I was taken into one of the consultant rooms where I met a lady called Alison. Alison listened to what Daddy had to say and then my ears fell back when she started taking out a pair of rubber gloves and putting them on.

I’ve been through this before and I know exactly what is going to happen when she put her fingers up my nether regions and does some manipulations to my back passage. Normally when I’m excited my ears stand up and I’m very alert but when I’m frightened my ears almost disappear into my head and you can’t see them. Well my goodness did they disappear today! It wasn’t painful, it was just extremely embarrassing.

 After that Daddy said that I had been shaking my head again and could she take a look in my left ear. So here you see Alison looking into my ear. I asked Daddy not to take a photograph of Alison dealing with my nether regions since even my greatest friends would not particularly like to see me looking so uncomfortable.

The rest of the weekend passed perfectly well.

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