Humphrey makes a new friend.

I don’t usually go out to Inchmarlo on a Saturday morning but Daddy thought that the putting was taking place inside the walled garden so he went out to take photographs for the new brochure. You can imagine how annoyed we both were when he found out he had made an error in his diary and it wasn’t at 10.30 in the morning but 2.30 in the afternoon.

 In order to be productive we walked round the estate and I did my normal sniffing out for any problems that might have occurred.  When we walked down the Little Walk we bumped into a very tall young man who we did not recognise. Daddy started speaking to him and introduced himself to which the tall young man who had flown over from Bermuda to see his mother in Pinefield replied, “Oh I know who are, I recognise Humphrey.” You can imagine how proud I felt that I was the one who was recognised, not Daddy.

After that, as we were walking outside the Sales Office, a number of Home Owners drove out and in and waved to us both.  A car stopped and out came Mr G and Mrs G came across to us and Mrs G spoke to me first. I did my normal trick of going in-between Mr G’s legs, tying him up in knots, while Mrs G spoke to Daddy about a letter that she had written to me about plants in the heronry which required cutting down. She said that it had been done very expeditiously by Jim, the Head Gardener, and she thanked me for it but said that I hadn’t replied to her letter. Daddy explained that I had hurt my leg and therefore could not reply and we all had a very pleasant chat.

I must say that I felt very important because in the first instance, Daddy was only recognised because of me, and in the second case my involvement in the running of the Estate had been recognised by Home Owners.

Later on Dr L came in with his new Schnauzer, Dougal, and we met in the middle of the rainbow garden. He is only 15 weeks old and I am of course 4 times bigger and heavier than Dougal but nevertheless we had a tremendously good sniff of each other and both of us would of loved to have been let off our leads so we could have charged all over the place. It’s possible we might have damaged some of the plants but my goodness we would have had some super fun! I only hope that Daddy and Dr L let us do that the next time we meet.

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