Castle Fraser’s Gardens

Inchmarlo Gardens are open under Scotland’s Gardens Scheme twice a year and as my friends who read my blog know I go out and help and supervise the Open Day. So this Sunday we went out to Castle Fraser, a National Trust Property where their walled garden was open.

We arrived, got out of the car and walked up to the gate to buy the entrance tickets only for my face to fall (if it’s possible for it to fall any further) when the lady and gentleman behind the desk said only guide dogs were allowed and I might frighten the children. Well I love all children. So deary me we had to walk back to the car and I had to wait there on my own while Mummy and Daddy walked through the very beautiful walled garden, had a cup of tea and a lemon drizzle cake and, much to Daddy’s enjoyment listened to the Granite City Brass Band playing military and other tunes.

Daddy loves band music because when he was doing his National Service in the Royal Navy he played in a brass band.

After that they came back and collected me and we walked all round Castle Fraser which is absolutely stunning and I would have loved to have got inside the castle and smelt any remains of hundreds of years of pets.  I am sure in the old days they were allowed to sleep in the beds with their masters and mistresses.

After that we walked up the driveway, all the way up to what would have been the former stable block and then I spied a cow coming over to a watering trough right beside where we were walking. It drank some water, looked at me and I looked at it and very, very gingerly I walked slowly forward inch by inch until my small, petite snub nose and its enormous nose, about the size of a giant melon, were just a few inches apart. It had a very strong smell and then it breathed out through its nose which sounded like a wind blowing along a canyon – the noise gave me the fright of my life and I ran away quickly. Daddy and Mummy told me not to be so scared so very slowly I inched back up to it again with my legs in such as position that I could retreat instantly. Once more it blew out through its nose and I ran away again. Despite two frights in one day I enjoyed myself at Castle Fraser.

Bravely approaching the cows

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