So Many Visitors

Charlie and Pamela are here for a few days. When Charlie first rushed in crying, “where’s Humphrey?” I came out and ran towards him and of course he immediately started screaming and ran away from me!  However, after a very short time he came back and cuddled me and I licked him and we got on like a house on fire during his stay in my home.

Helping Charlie play with his toys!

I know how this works!

For the past few days I have been “helping” him with his toys.

I enjoy supervising his playing with the new dumper truck, the small fire engine and the other bits and pieces he has been given by Mummy  but I am really not happy when he puts on his Roman Centurion costume and waves his sword about!  I’m a very sensitive boy with a birth record going back many generations and I don’t like sharp or loud noises and when Charlie  slapped his sword against the kitchen units he frightened me. I’m really not happy when he acts the tough and aggressive Roman soldier so I run away or hide under the table.

Charlie must be much dirtier than I am because I have a bath and very occasionally but he needs to have a bath every night. I felt left out not being with him all the time so I went up and had a good look and supervised him in his bath as I have done before. Doesn’t he look good?

Remember to clean behind your ears...Aren't you clean yet?

 My goodness the invasion has come! Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron have all arrived so the house is absolutely throbbing! I get on very well with everybody and Hamish and Cameron love playing with Charlie and I, of course, love being with them all.  I’m continually running back and forwards as they run back and forwards. It’s great fun, but my goodness isn’t it exhausting!

I’m absolutely delighted when Charlie goes to bed and the boys and I settle down to watch the television. Charlie’s favourite programme is Tom and Jerry which is also mine. Spike, the Bulldog, is so handsome and tolerant of that pesky cat and mouse.

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