Humphrey gets an ear infection!

Oh what an exciting day! The previous night I had a problem with my left ear and I kept shaking my head.  I also spent a lot of the evening scratching it and I couldn’t get rid of the irritation. So in the morning Daddy phoned Ardene and we went out in the afternoon for another appointment. When we were waiting a lady and her son came out of the surgery with two black Russian terriers. One of them, called Neo, was three months old and was already twice my size but the other dog, was eight years old and looked the size of a Shetland pony- he was enormous! We had a good sniff of each other and if there had been time I’m sure we would have got on fine and you know this- I wasn’t scared at all.

When it was my turn, I was taken in to see Anne who had a good look at my ear with one these funny torch implements with a search light on the end. She looked into my ear and said “oh yes, I can see that it is inflamed”. So she went and gave me some special drops and I was very brave- wasn’t nervous at all.

Bulldog ear check up

Looking in my ears...

Bull dog ear check up

Being a brave dog

After we got back home Daddy told Mummy about how many drops I have to get but he also said, “Humphrey needs a bath”. That evening, we went up to the bathroom and I patiently sat outside the bath while it was filling up with lukewarm water and then I was lifted in.

Bulldog bathtime

Time for a bath!

Daddy soaked me with the hand spray and soaped me all over with a special shampoo and I was absolutely fine.  My predecessor, Ollie, was apparently terrified of going into the bath and had to be physically held down and fed with treats every couple of minutes because he was apparently a very, very strong dog. I believe I’m probably just as strong but I am much calmer. When I was in the bath Mummy offered me treats but I couldn’t concentrate on eating them while I was being soaped up with the sweet smelling shampoo.

Bulldog in bath

Squeaky clean!

After my bath I was taken out and wrapped up in lovely pink towels that had been warmed on the radiators for me. After I was all dried I was offered treats again but now I could concentrate on enjoying them.

All wrapped up

Nice and dry now

On Wednesday we went out to Inchmarlo and walked all over Westfield and then down the Little Walk to see Phyllis in the Sales Office.  While Daddy was discussing new brochures with her a long-time Home Owner, Mrs M, who has lived in lived in Pinefield for many years, came in and said to Daddy, “I see you’ve got your guard dog with you”.  I was very flattered to think that a Home Owner thought that I could guard Daddy like a Police dog. 

Later on we walked to Queen Victoria Park and Daddy went to visit a new Home Owner who has come from the Doncaster are to live at Inchmarlo.  Daddy was looking to see if it was possible for her to change the back boiler in the living room to a balance flue boiler in the cupboard off the kitchen.  Daddy introduced me to Mrs L and said he could leave me out in the hall with my lead wrapped around the staircase but Mrs L kindly said, “no, no bring Humphrey in”.  We went in and I did my share of the inspection of the kitchen – I didn’t smell any food anywhere so I didn’t salivate.  We then went back outside and had another look and then back inside again to confirm what Mrs L’s plumber could do.  

After we came out her neighbour, Mr M, saw us and said, “Oh, here’s Humphrey, how are you?”  We went over and he was very nice to me, patting me all over and of course, as I usually do, I went round and through his legs, completely tying him up in knots and the lead had to be unravelled.  Mr M said that Mrs M would love to see me and Mrs M came out and we had a very nice chat.  When we left I was thanked for coming in to see them. 

By the time I got home I was absolutely exhausted having walked at least over a third of the 100 acres.

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2 Responses to Humphrey gets an ear infection!

  1. Hello Humphrey, my name is Zebo. I’m a cocker and I live with my grown ups in France. They took me to the vet here today to get a follow up injection for a very nasty illness that doggies can pick up here. It is called Leishmaniose. It is very prevalent in France now, so they want me to be safe. My Dad follows your blog and he tells me about it. They gave me my own face book page and from time to time, with a little help from my Mum, I put photos and bits that they think my friends might be interested in.
    Anyway I hope your ear gets better soon, it’s always difficult to get to the really itchy bit when you have no fingers.
    Get well soon
    lots of woofs

  2. Ayako Burnsworth says:

    Ear infections do occur from time to time. You can use some home remedies that includes herbal anti-microbials as wells as over the counter antibiotics. Xylitol is also great agains ear infection. ‘”:“

    Kind thanks

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