The Crathes Car Rally at Inchmarlo

Crathes Car Rally Inchmarlo

Crathes Car Rally

 Oh what an exciting day! The Crathes Car Rally was visiting Inchmarlo, as they have done for many years. It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit that the wind was so strong at times that it blew my ears up in the air. The residents of Inchmarlo House came out to watch the cars driving past and quite a number of Home Owners came down to look at the cars and reminisce about how they drove some of the cars when they were young. Some neighbours also came down to admire the cars.

Crathes Car Rally Inchmarlo House

Visitors admiring the cars

Crathes Car Rally Inchmarlo House

Crathes Car Rally Inchmarlo House

I also went down to have a look at the cars and the one that impressed me most was, what I’m told was the “Blower Bentley” and one of the Home Owners, Martin L kindly explained all about the car to me.

Blower Bentley Inchmarlo

Martin and Humphrey admire the "Blower Bentley"

I was amazed at the difference in size between the MG which David Pratt, head of security, showed me.

MG Crathes Car rally

David and Humphrey inspect the MG

One of our Home Owners from Queen Victoria Park, Mrs M saw me and came up and we had a nice discussion because she is very fond of dogs.

Crathes Car rally Humphrey Mrs M

Humphrey and Mrs M enjoying the sunshine

Mrs E from The Courtyard was there with her daughter and 2 grandchildren. Her grandson, Ben, is very fond of dogs and I had met him once before but his sister Lucy was so nervous of me that she always ran away before she got close enough to pet me. At one point she was very brave when she just managed to put her hand on my back before she withdrew, as quick as lightning.

Bulldog Car Rally Inchmarlo

Humphrey and Ben

After Mummy and Daddy had lunch we went on a walk all around Westfield and I went back to see the ducks in the heronry. Since we didn’t have any food to give them, it was somewhat of a standoff with me looking at them and them looking at me. Once again isn’t it interesting that the male duck is so much better looking than the female ducks? But it is exactly the same between male bulldogs and female bulldogs.

Humphrey and Ducks Inchmarlo

Humphrey and the ducks

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