Rio- The Movie

Daddy is a movie buff and loves movies.  He and Mummy went in to see Rio the Movie and they were absolutely enamoured by it.  They came home and told me the plot in great detail because it’s all about Blu the macaw, the last of a species who is kidnapped and how Linda and Tulio try to find him.  They said the film was excellent but the most exciting bit of all is that they are able to make their escape because of their bulldog friend Luis.  He’s got huge jowls and he “slobbers” all the time.  It’s his “slobber” that lets them ease off the chains and escape.  While I have jowls I don’t slobber at all and clearly Luis is not based on me.  I’ve seen photographs of Luis in the advertisements and I think I’m much better looking.  Nevertheless Daddy and Mummy thoroughly enjoyed the film and I think it’s terribly unfair that I’m not allowed to go into the cinema and see a bulldog like me being one of the heroes in an important movie.  I can’t wait to see the DVD.

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