William and Kate’s Wedding Day Celebrations

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo to share in their Royal Wedding day celebrations.  A large screen had been set up in the main dining room and all my friends in the care home watched the wedding while they had a buffet lunch. 

Inchmarlo Royal Wedding celebrations

Enjoying the wedding celebrations

Quite a number of the residents’ husbands or wives who live in the Community so they came down and joined in the celebration as did some of their sons and daughters from Aberdeen and Royal Deeside. 

In the Green Drawing Room a number of Home Owners watched the service on another screen over a private lunch. 

Inchmarlo Royal Wedding celebrations

Private lunch

In the afternoon all the residents had their afternoon tea with special cup cakes adorned with photographs of the bride and groom, HM The Queen and other members of the Royal Family.  I was very pleased to see that two of the most important people in the Royal Family – the corgis were also included.

Inchmarlo Royal wedding cakes

Royal Wedding CakesA close up of the Royal cupcakes

I wasn’t allowed in the dining room since food was being served so I had my photograph taken wrapped up in Union Jack flags with some of my co-workers, Sue, Jill, Janet and Norma.  Don’t we all look so happy?  This is a photograph of me looking happy!

Humphrey Inchmarlo staff Royal Wedding

Smiling faces all round!

The next time Daddy and I were out at Inchmarlo we met up with Jack Crawford who has been with the company since Inchmarlo started 25 years ago.  We walked through all the neighbourhoods looking at the damage caused by the severe winter to see what still had to be repaired.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and when we walked outside the Keyhole Garden Daddy saw that the cherry blossom trees were so beautiful.  Since Jack was wearing a red top and I was wearing my red harness, he took a photograph of us against one of the trees and don’t we all blend together?  It’s not just the Royal wedding party who know how to co-ordinate colours. 

Inchmarlo gardener

Humphrey and Jack

 I’ve got my mouth wide open because I was so tired after such a long walk on such a beautiful day that I’m actually yawning.  Oh I can’t wait to get home for another snooze.

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