My First Birthday

My Birthday- and a week of celebrations.

 What an exciting day.  I’m a year old and Daddy had arranged a birthday party for me with all my friends at Inchmarlo.  The Head Chef, Colin Davidson made a cake for the Residents. 

My Birthday Cake
 We went outside and I was lifted up onto a table and Colin walked through carrying my cake on a silver salver and gosh was I excited because the cake was in the shape of a bone.
Colin showing me my cake
Katie had organised a big birthday card for me with my 6 stars because Inchmarlo was rated Grade 6 Excellent by the Care Commission.
My Birthday Card – with my picture on it!
A number of my friends both at Head Office and at Inchmarlo signed the inside of my card.
Inside my card
The photograph on the back of the card just shows you how I feel when I have completed my job of going round speaking to all the residents.
Back of my card
After that we went outside again and I was photographed with a group of my friends around the table.
All my friends wished me Happy Birthday

My friends in the photograph include three staff members, Jill, Karen and David and three of my favourite residents, Jack, Rose and Albert.

Later in the afternoon the residents all enjoyed a piece of my birthday cake.

 Sunday at the Beach

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday and Mummy and Daddy said to me, “Let’s go down to the beach for a walk along the prom”. Now I’m a dog who does not really like going on walks and despite coaxing me out and getting me into my harness I stood in the hallway, looked at the open door and didn’t move.  Eventually Daddy pulled me outside and I went over to my special bit of grass on which I always relieve myself before going for walks in the evening.  Daddy turned round and when he turned back again he couldn’t see me anywhere. 

Bet you can’t see me!
 Now you might think that this is simply a photograph of a bush but it’s not.  What I did was I went round the back and hid from Daddy and if you look very, very closely you can just see me in the middle.  But Daddy did find me and here I am sitting behind it because quite honestly I did not feel like going on a walk.  
Hiding from Daddy

However down to the beach we went which was crowded and we went a walk along the prom.  And did I enjoy myself?  Yes. There were lots and lots of dogs who came up to me and we smelt each other all over.  There were plenty humans, young girls with babies and many of them came up and said, “What’s his name?” and “Doesn’t he look cute?”  They were speaking about me not Daddy! There were also a number of very young children, one of whom was only 16 months old and had just started walking.  She came over and spoke to me and I was very, very gentle with her.  Daddy needless to say had grabbed my harness so that I couldn’t be somewhat over excited and accidentally push her over. 

On the way back walking along the prom we went down onto the sands which was the first time I had walked on a beach and the sand was lovely and soft.  They took me down to the sea so that I could see it coming in but the minute the water got too near my feet, I ran away! 

Then we walked to the cafes and sat down outside the “Sand Dollar”.  Mummy went inside and got 2 hot chocolates and the owner, Sue, saw me outside and gave Mummy an ice-cream cone.  This was the first time I’d had ice-cream and I just absolutely adored sitting at a café on the beach in the gorgeous sunshine eating my first ice-cream. 

All the family have been up in Aberdeen this week and I like to think they’ve all come up to celebrate my first birthday! I have, as usual, been supervising Charlie as he plays with his toys but once or twice I’ve been told off because I believe that anything that’s lying on the floor is suitable for chewing and I love chewing things. However, Charlie and Pam brought me a special type of dog bone which also cleans my teeth and it was absolutely super. I chewed it and chewed it and enjoyed it so much that Daddy took it away from me and hid it so that I wouldn’t just eat it all in one fell swoop. I searched everywhere in the house to try and see where it had gone but I couldn’t find it.

Presented with a Portrait for my Birthday

Remember the photograph of me and my friends with my birthday card, well one of my friends, Albert who is a keen artist, took that photograph and drew two paintings of me. So in addition to getting a dental chewing bone and other bits and pieces for my birthday I got two beautiful painted portraits of me. One of which is on the notice board in the entrance at Inchmarlo and here is the other one for my friends to see on my blog. I wonder if any other dogs get presented with a portrait on their birthday…

Humphrey's portrait

My Birthday Portrait

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One Response to My First Birthday

  1. Kattiya says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to Humphrey!
    Hope you’re soon big enough to jump out of the car on your own.
    From your no.1 fan in Thailand.

    Kattiya ^___^

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