Humphrey’s Valentine.

Just over two weeks ago I got an email out of the blue from a Shona Anne. It said:

“I’ve had a lovely time reading your blogs today from the very first up to this one and would like to thank you again dear Humphrey and your Daddy for doing them and for all you do for Inchmarlo. I feel I’m getting to know you, your family and friends and Inchmarlo and am definitely a fan of yours now x

Your Daddy really is an amazing person (Daddy liked this bit) as you are an amazing, brave and wonderful doggie (I liked this bit). I’m so glad he made Inchmarlo, it really is a wonderful, safe community to retire to and it’s great that he’s so hands on and gives everyone the best of everything as much as is possible.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you all and certainly will be interested in any new blogs for as long as you enjoy doing them. Going to mention you and your blog to my friends on Facebook, they’re sure to love you too”

I was very, very flattered. Who is Shona Anne? So I sent a reply asking her to tell me where she was from, but regrettably she hasn’t replied.

Daddy tells me that when he was a young man it was customary for young men and women to send a Valentine card to somebody they admired. The card was never signed so no one knew who had sent it. Now I can understand Daddy sending Valentine cards to young girls but I have a bit of difficulty in believing that he got any!

However, I was very pleased to receive this from Shona Anne wherever she is, and if she is reading this then thank you very much, love Humphrey x

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