A visit to Inchmarlo, a trip to the Vets and a new toy!

Daddy and I were out at Inchmarlo and I had been round with Karen speaking to all my usual friends and was out in the back of the car again when Daddy and Judy walked up to me. Judy is one of our Client Liaison Officers whose role it is to regularly visit Home Owners to see that they are enjoying life and check whether they require additional support. She told Daddy that one of the Home Owners was feeling “somewhat down” and could she have the use of my services so that I could go and speak to her and cheer her up.  It was the first time I had met Judy but I liked her immediately and off we went down to see the Home Owner.  When we returned Judy reported that I was very enthusiastic but she had difficulty getting me to sit down since I was somewhat over-excited but that I had succeeded in cheering the Home Owner up.

I was glad that I had done my duty of being Therapy Assistant (Canine).

Judy and Humphrey at Inchmarlo

Judy and Humphrey

I had another appointment to go back to see my friends at Ardene Veterinary Surgeons and as soon as I knew where I was I enthusiastically entered the reception area to be greeted by my two young friends behind the reception desk.

Bulldog at vets

Humphrey at Ardene

There was a lady waiting with a little Pekinese on her knee and I went up to try to speak to it and it was already shaking like a leaf in a strong wind.  Daddy told her that my predecessors, Ollie and Jamie also used to shake like a leaf as soon as they smelt they were going to the vets but that I don’t.  Am I not brave?

Brenda, the vet, took me into one of the consulting rooms and tried to weigh me.  Unfortunately the rubber mat on the low level weighing machine fell off with the result my claws skidded on the metal which always frightens me. Daddy and Brenda had quite a job getting me to get all my weight on the weighing machine but eventually they managed.  I now weigh 22.25 kgs.  I’m now within a few days of my first birthday and Brenda told Daddy that I was just about my final size and probably my final weight.

Daddy told her that one of her colleagues had previously recommended they should cut down on the amount of food I was getting which Daddy and Mummy have done and Brenda thought that it was now the ideal portion size for me.

After I was weighed I was lifted by both of them – because I’m quite heavy now – up onto the table where she opened my mouth and felt my teeth all over,  then looked into both earsand then she had a look at my toenails.  While I had a manicure two visits ago she decided to manicure my dew claws. This was in case they catch on anything. She said that I was extremely good sitting there quietly on my own and letting her do all the investigation that she wanted.

Getting my teeth checked

Looking in my ears

Getting a manicure

On my best behavior!

When she had finished she gave me a biscuit which I just loved.  This wasn’t the only biscuit I got because later one of my reception friends gave me two doggie biscuits and then she went behind the reception counter and got me a much harder biscuit which took a lot more chewing but really was scrumptious. Oh I do like going to Ardene Vets, they’re so friendly.

Dog biscuit

Another treat.

When we came out of the consulting rooms there were three or four people in the waiting room with two dogs both of which barked and barked when they saw me.  Oh what a noise they made.  All I wanted to do was to go up and sniff them but Daddy wouldn’t let me.  I didn’t bark at them and I’m obviously much better behaved now I’m almost one.

Mummy bought me a new toy which is made up of a whole series of small, fabric multi-coloured balls with string through the middle.  When she threw it on the floor in the kitchen it rattled and frightened me and I ran away from it so Mummy went and put it to the back of a chair and I looked at it and went up and sniffed it and had another look at it.  Finally I actually went up and touched it with my nose and eventually took hold of it and dragged it into my bed where I started chewing it.

Humphrey's new toy.

Smells ok

Taking another look


Hmm... its not so scary.

Having a good chew

Now I’m used to it I absolutely love it and when Daddy’s sitting in his Parker Knoll recliner looking at the television or reading the newspapers I go up to him with my new toy and push it onto his arm. When he tries to take it from me I quickly turn away and then go back again and challenge him until he grabs hold of it and I pull and pull and growl and growl and I make such a noise that at times I frighten myself. Daddy sometimes growls back so we make quite a noise.

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