Snow damage to the Inchmarlo Gardens

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo. When we arrived at Inchmarlo it was a lovely sunny day.  Daddy reversed the car so it was right against the grass which was higher than the normal road to make it easier for me to jump out but I wouldn’t do it.  So I’m sitting here waiting for Daddy to lift me down and eventually he was so tired of waiting for me that he grabbed my halter and half lifted me on to the grass.

Bulldog in boot of car

"I won't jump!"

Humphrey in the boot

Humphrey in the boot

Once inside Inchmarlo House I went through to the Red Drawing Room with Karen who was reading the news out of the Press & Journal to the residents.  As soon as she saw me she called me “Oh darling”.  I think Daddy hoped it was him she was addressing but it was definitely me so I stayed with them for a period of time and chatted to all the residents.

One of my very favourite residents, Dr Margaret was in her room so Karen took me up and I entertained her for a while.  Dr Margaret said to Karen she would be delighted to see me any time again. 

Mr Albert had been coming in for respite care over the last three years and had been waiting a long time for a room. He had now come in permanently so we had a very nice chat and we were very pleased to see each other again.

Humphrey and Mr Albert Inchmarlo

Humphrey and Mr Albert

Daddy and I walked up through the main Alpine Garden to see the devastation that had taken place with the snow.  I was terribly sad to see many of the branches from the trees had been broken and had in some instances crushed and broke 100 years old rhododendrons and azaleas.  I am still squatting like a young lady but in due course trees are going to be very important to me and I was terribly disappointed to see the damage that had taken place.

Humphrey and snow damaged tree

Snow damaged branches

Snow Damage Inchmarlo Gardens

Poor Tree!

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