Charlie goes home

Thursday was the day that Pam, Richard and Charlie were leaving so Daddy came home and joined us all for a late lunch at about 1.30. I chewed one of Charlie’s little farm yard motor cars again and was told off. Then Charlie didn’t want to put his trousers on and his mummy told him he couldn’t go on the plane without trousers. I don’t have that problem because I don’t wear clothes at any time, only a harness when I go out walks. After a great deal of difficulty he allowed his trousers to be put on and then we had to go through the same routine to get him to put on his blue snow boots with the red laces. When I am getting fitted with my harness to go on a walk I am so much easier to dress, and when I have it on, I simply stand there like a statue ready to go.

I was supervising Charlie as he got ready to go and when everybody was kissing each other goodbye, Charlie came up and kissed me twice and told me that he loved me. Wasn’t that nice? I look forward to him coming back for a future visit.

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