A photo shoot at Inchmarlo

This was going to be a tremendous day for me. The Care Commission had recently given Inchmarlo Care Home the highest possible rating of grade six- Excellent and they wanted a photograph of me speaking to some of my friends in Inchmarlo House. So we left the house at about 10 o’ clock in the morning and arrived at 10.30. It was a beautiful day and the photographer arrived at 11 o’ clock. I was introduced to him and he said that I was a very friendly young boy. Then I was lifted up onto the settee in the reception lounge where I was photographed with my friends Mrs Jean and Doctor Margaret and I had great time being spoken to and petted by two of my favourite residents.

Bulldog Inchmarlo Care Commission Magazine

Humphrey with Dr Margaret and Mrs Jean

After lunch Daddy took me for a walk around Inchmarlo. It was an absolutely beautiful day and Inchmarlo looked gorgeous in the snow. I felt so proud of being photographed and I can’t wait to see how I look in the Care Commission magazine.

Inchmarlo Sunrise Snow

Inchmarlo at Sunrise

House at Inchmarlo Snow

A beautiful snowy day

Inchmarlo Gardens snow

Inchmarlo Grounds

Inchmarlo Gardens The Little Walk

The Little Walk

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