A visit from Charlie

The last few days have been absolutely hectic! Pamela and Richard have been up with two-year old Charlie. Charlie did the same thing that he did last time he came to stay with me, he runs away from me, laughs and cries and has to be lifted out of my reach, however, within an hour or so, we are the best of buddies. It is nevertheless, very exhausting for a young man like me to have an extraordinarily active young boy of two rushing backwards and forwards all the time. He litters my bed with his toys and when I pick them up and start chewing them I’m told off by everybody.

However, that afternoon I blotted my copy book by doing a poo on the landing. Daddy saw it just as Charlie was coming down the stairs and he pointed it out to Charlie and said, who did this? Charlie said it wasn’t him and so Daddy looked round to me. I looked as innocent as anything but I think Daddy knew it was me because my ears went back as they always do when I’m guilty of something. Daddy cleared it up as usual and the rest of the afternoon and evening went fine although I was bored by having to watch cartoons that satisfy Charlie’s intellectual ability.

Bulldog and child playing

Me and Charlie playing

One afternoon Charlie wasn’t feeling too good so he went and sat in his Papas chair covered in blankets while he drank some juice. He looked very poorly and I was quite jealous because I’m not allowed to sit in the chair.

Charlie feeling poorly

Charlie feeling poorly

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