The Afternoon Tea that almost never was…

Daddy and Susie decided because of the recent award by The Care Commission awarding Inchmarlo House Care Home, Grade 6- Excellent, we should celebrate by having a traditional afternoon tea for all the residents and their families.  All of them were therefore invited with a very nicely printed invitation and I was absolutely delighted when I saw that Daddy had put my photograph on the back of it in full colour.

Inchmarlo Care Commission Six Stars

Humphrey showing off Inchmarlo's Six Stars

Inchmarlo Care Commission Award six stars excellent

Humphrey and some of the Inchmarlo Staff

Unfortunately on the Sunday the snow was extremely heavy.  Daddy and Mummy arrived in time for lunch and after lunch Daddy and I drove all round Inchmarlo to make sure that all the roads were clear.  They had in fact been cleared by the snow plough twice already that day so he had no difficulty driving round.  Afterwards the three of us went for a walk round Westfield and it was a lovely fresh day in between snow showers.  We went back into the House and Daddy checked and found that half the external guests had already phoned in giving apologies saying that road conditions were such that they didn’t think they could venture out. Karen phoned the remaining people and said that they didn’t advise them to come because of the road conditions.  One or two families braved the weather and so it was decided that the afternoon tea would be served to those residents and their relations but the special afternoon tea would be served to the residents at the normal tea-time.

Inchmarlo Care Commission Award six stars excellent

The Churchfield Family enjoying afternoon tea

Inchmarlo Care Commission Award six stars excellent Inchmarlo resident and family

The Edward family

Daddy took photographs of Head Chef, Colin Davidson and his staff behind the traditional sandwiches – cucumber, smoked salmon, egg and cress and egg mayonnaise and those residents with relations were invited to come through and sample some, or all, of the gateaux which were Zabaglione Cake and Lemon Meringue Pie by Harry’s Bar of Venice, London and New York, and Grapefruit Cake by Brown Derby of Hollywood. These have proved to be tremendously popular with the residents and were originally sampled at some of the 39 Food Tasting Dinners held over the years.

Kitchen Staff Care Commission Award Inchmarlo

The proud Inchmarlo Kitchen Staff

Lemon Meringue Pie Inchmarlo

Lemon Meringue Pie

Zabaglione Cake Inchmarlo Afternoon tea

Zabaglione Cake

Grapefruit Cake Inchmarlo

Grapefruit Cake

Sandwiches Afternoon Tea Inchmarlo

A tasty plate of sandwiches

I of course was not allowed into the Dining Room.  When Daddy and Mummy were chatting to the residents and their relations I was behind the reception desk with Karen and then when the guests were beginning to leave I was taken into the reception lounge where I sat with my friend Mrs Faulks who is very nice to me and speaks to me in a language I can understand.  Jimmy Hutchison whose mother-in-law has just moved into Inchmarlo House wanted to see me and came through with his son and daughter and spoke to me. 

Inchmarlo Care Home Resident and family

Lady Diana Douglas and Family

I was very disappointed because I had been told that I was going to be meeting the families of my friends in the Care Home.  Ah well, it just shows you how weather can affect even the best laid plans of both dogs and adults.

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