Back to the Vets

I couldn’t wait to go back to the surgery because I have found the protective hood I’ve had to wear extremely uncomfortable. It also caused irritation to my neck and the loose skin around my neck started to get very sore. Mummy and Daddy rubbed Savlon on it but when that didn’t work they phoned Ardene who said it was alright to take off the hood provided I was watched all the time and did not try to bite or lick my stitches. I must say I was remarkably good and patient and never went near my operation scar. Every so often Mummy and Daddy looked at it but I left it alone.

The day came when I went back out to Ardene. First I went into see my friends and then went through to the surgery where veterinary surgeon Mark examined me. Mark said I was looking fine so he took off my hood and my goodness was I glad to see the last of it.

Humphrey at Ardene

Before, with the hood still on

Bulldog vets

Free at last!

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