A weekend away.

Daddy and Mummy were driving down to Gleneagles to meet Jennifer, Graeme and the grandchildren to swap Christmas presents.  In order to give me the experience of living away from home they booked me into a dog sitter who takes only a few dogs at a time.  I was dropped off at Mandy’s house at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning and collected at 6 o’clock on Sunday. I was hesitant about going out into their back garden which was absolutely full of snow but Mandy walked out first and when I saw that she didn’t disappear into the snow I was brave enough to follow her.  All the floors in the house are wood or tiled and despite the fact that my nails were manicured only a week ago and I made quite a noise as I walked back and forwards.  I had a great time but when Daddy collected me Mandy said to him, “You didn’t tell me about Humphrey’s problem.”  Daddy didn’t know what she was talking about and she told him that I snored so loudly that despite the fact she was sleeping on the floor above I almost kept her awake!  Even though I enjoyed having a weekend break I was happy to go back home again.

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo on Monday morning and after lunch we walked all round Westfield.  Daddy looked at the problems caused by the 22 inches of snow that had fallen the previous week.  Numerous gutters were bent and some of the facia boards had fallen down due to the weight of the ice in the gutters and Daddy commiserated with some of the Home Owners.  I must say I enjoyed walking about because I find I’m invigorated in the snowy conditions. 

When we got back to the big house Daddy took me inside and Care Assistant Jill came and greeted me like a long lost friend – as she is – and I went with her and spoke to all my friends in the Red Drawing Room and the Picture Gallery.  I had a super time. 

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