Check-Up at the Vets

I had another appointment to go back to the vets for my regular puppy check-up.  While I hate jumping out of the car onto the ground, and still refuse to do so, I love going into see my girlfriends in the vets.  All the girls behind the reception came round, spoke to me, petted me and said what a big young man I’m becoming.  We then went through to see the Vet herself who made a tremendous fuss of me, and I of her, and then I was weighed on the weighing machine and I am now 21kilos.  Daddy lifted me up onto her table and she said that I was looking very healthy, that I was a fine young man but my nails needed manicured.  She got a pair of clippers and proceeded to clip my front paws only and I wasn’t the slightest bit scared.  After that she asked Daddy if he had been cleaning my teeth to which he replied, “No” so she then took out some toothpaste and came over and cleaned my teeth.  I enjoyed being pampered very much.  I actually liked the taste of the toothpaste which she said most dogs enjoyed.  So I am looking forward to Daddy or Mummy cleaning my teeth in the future.

Bulldog vets

On the Vet's table

On the Friday afternoon Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo and Karen took me through to the Red Drawing Room and I spent about an hour and a half speaking to the residents and just sitting beside them while they looked at a television programme.  Karen told Daddy that I had been very well behaved.

Unfortunately I was not well behaved the whole week and Daddy was absolutely furious with me on two occasions.  On the Friday morning when he came in to collect me he stepped on something inside the front door where I had done a huge poo on the Persian carpet and he told me off.  Whenever he does that I shrink into myself, become half my normal size and my ears flatten into my head so much so that you wouldn’t think I had any ears at all as I try to make myself invisible.

If that wasn’t bad enough on Sunday evening in the Study when Daddy was reading the Sunday Times suddenly he stood up and sniffed the air and said, “What’s happened here?” looked all over the place, under the tables and under the chairs and finally found that I had done another huge poo on yet another Persian carpet behind one of the chairs.  He was furious again.

Once more I went into my invisible act or as he describes it, “a dog about to go to the abattoir”. 

However, despite my naughty behaviour, I got a special treat later on and was allowed my first taste of ice cream. It was lovely!

Bulldog tastes ice cream

Yum yum!

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