More snow fun with the Neighbours

On Sunday, as we left the front door to go for a walk, our neighbours’ two children were playing out in the front of their house making gigantic snowballs and when their dog, Harvey, saw me he rushed across the road going so fast that he actually did a somersault over a big mound of snow on the pavement.  Harvey and I had a good sniff of each other and then I had fun with Sophie and Sarah. 


Humphrey in snow

Humphrey and Harvey playing in the snow

Bull Dog snow Aberdeen

Humphrey, Sophie and Sarah

Then we went a walk round The Den.  Everything was covered in white and the burn was quite fierce but I plucked up courage and went down to have a look at what was going on.  There was something which I later was told was ice on one of the little puddles beside the burn so I sniffed it first then put my foot on it and my goodness was it was even colder.  I then put more weight on it and it started collapsing under my feet.  I ran away very quickly.

Bull Dog Ice

Humphrey on Ice!

Bull dog frozen puddles

Brrr.... Its too cold

Humphrey Bull Dog snow

What's in here?

When we came back to the house despite enjoying the walk in The Den very much I wanted to get inside so I waited for Mummy and Daddy to catch up with me outside the conservatory. 

Bull Dog outside the conservatory

Hurry up, its freezing out here!

When we went inside I was wet all over with the snow falling off the trees.  Mummy is very kind and she always has a warm towel over the radiator and I was more than happy to be dried all over before I went through to my favourite beanbag in the study.

Bull Dog towel

That's better.

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