Humphrey discovers snow!

On Thursday morning I went out for my first morning pee and I was absolutely astonished to find that the ground was covered in some white stuff which I had never seen before.  It was very cold on my feet but Daddy said the snow seemed to invigorate me so he took me into the main garden and I ran back and forwards and up and down and had a great time running about. I also enjoyed eating it. 

Bull dog in snow

Playing in the Snow

Snow in Aberdeen Bull Dog

More snow adventures

 At about 10 o’clock at night Daddy took me a walk round the block.  Normally I do not like walking when it’s dark he usually has to pull me for the first half of the walk and then half way round, when I know where we are, I go ahead of him in a great hurry to get back home and into my cosy beanbag.  Whatever it was that was in the air or, should I say on the ground, I was invigorated and more or less pulled Daddy all round the block. He can’t understand why I should be so different.  I can’t explain to him that the snow reflected the street lamps so it was quite light.

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