Inchmarlo 38th Food Tasting Dinner

This was the Food Tasting Dinner night at Inchmarlo which I had heard Daddy and Colin the Chef and other staff speaking about for some time.  It really was extremely disappointing that while they all enjoyed the 6 courses chosen from Michelin star chefs and other famous cooks from throughout the world I was left in the back of the car on my own with my bowl of water.  On the way back I heard Mummy and Daddy discussing some of the comments from the 52 Home Owners and friends of Inchmarlo and it appears that all the recipes went down very well.  But as Daddy said to Mummy, “It is always the same, a recipe that many people will give 100% to, somebody else will give 20% and where some people say they could taste the peppers someone else will say they couldn’t taste them.”  That is why they put on such a wide variety of food both for the residents in the care home, for the Home Owners who come to eat in the bar and for private functions in the drawing room.  What is one man’s meat is clearly another man’s poison.  I would have loved to have sampled some of Joël Robuchon’s dishes, a French chef with no fewer than 25 Michelin stars, but I did not get the chance because I am restricted, not to ‘puppy’ food but now to ‘junior’ food.  However I think that next year I will be allowed to taste some of the same meals which adults eat.  One of my favourite treats is ham which I absolutely adore and will do just about anything for. The menu looked delicious:

Sweet Pepper Potage

Joël Robuchon*

Fresh Tagliatelle with Stilton & Mushrooms

Gordon Ramsay*

Salmon Pastry with Currants & Ginger

Simon Hopkinson

Lamb Tagine

Joël Robuchon*

Prince Consort Pudding

Mary Norwak

Orange Mousse

Simon Hopkinson

*Michelin starred chefs

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