Guy Fawkes Night at Inchmarlo

This was Guy Fawkes Night and Inchmarlo always has a huge bonfire, fireworks and then a sausage and mash supper for the Home Owners.  Because Ollie and Jamie were frightened of the fireworks Daddy and Mummy didn’t want leave me at home in case the neighbours had fireworks so he took me and was going to put me behind the reception where I would not hear the fireworks. Unfortunately Daddy was very busy that day and we didn’t arrive until the fireworks were over but I saw the bonfire which was in the Parklands field in front of Inchmarlo House and it was huge. This was because apparently last year it rained so hard the gardeners couldn’t get it lit. I was in the car quite comfortable while Daddy and Mummy met all the Home Owners and had their sausage and mash before we went back to Aberdeen.  Unfortunately as we arrived back at the house and Daddy opened the boot of the car a firework went off and I just bolted. Mummy said she had no idea I could run so fast.  I ran down into next doors garden, which didn’t have an exit so I rushed back up again, Daddy caught me and I was shaking like a leaf so he picked me up and took me into the house and calmed me down.  Why do people let off bangers which frighten us animals so badly. Adults forget that our hearing is 10 times more sensitive so a loud bang to Mummy and Daddy is an enormous explosion to a sensitive young dog like me.  I do not like Bonfire Night.

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