Check Up Time at the Vet

It was time for a check up at Ardene Vets. Daddy told me that whenever he used to take my predecessors Ollie and Jamie to the vets, as soon as they got out the car and smelt where they were they ran back into the car again.  I must be more courageous as I do not have a problem at all. Our appointment was at 10.30am and I went in and all the nice receptionists came round and spoke to me again and said how well I was looking and then I was petted by the lady vet. Daddy lifted me on to the table and I wasn’t shaking like a leaf as Ollie and Jamie used be and I sat there quite contentedly while the lady vet inspected me, said how well I was looking and then weighed me.  

Checking My Ears

Behaving Myself on the Vets Table

Trying to Keep Still to be Weighed

I’m actually now weighing 19.60kgs which shows just how big I am getting and how Daddy finds it difficult to lift me up all the time. This is why he was trying to get me to jump into and out of the car without carrying me. So when we got back to the house he opened the boot, called me over and I tried to come down, went back and forwards a few times but I wouldn’t take the step.  Daddy put a treat on the ground and I saw it there but despite my desire to eat it I just couldn’t pluck up the courage and went back and sat in the car until Daddy lifted me out.

Looks a Long Way down

I Give Up!

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