Humphrey makes a new friend at Inchmarlo

We went out to Inchmarlo and after Mummy and Daddy had lunch I went in and spoke to all my friends sitting in the Reception Lounge plus a new lady that I hadn’t met before. She had apparently been in another Care Home in Aberdeen but was not happy with it so she came to Inchmarlo. She was clearly a very nice lady because she liked me and petted me. Afterwards Abbie took me to the Picture Gallery and the Red Drawing Room where I saw all my usual friends. Then we went a very long walk, after Daddy got some slices of bread from the kitchen. We went down to the Heronry and fed the ducks both with me outside the wire fence and then we went inside, which I have never done before.

bulldog and ducks

Humphrey feeding the ducks

bulldog and ducks

The hungry ducks

It was very interesting. The ducks are so greedy they overcome their fear of me in order to eat the bread. There were half a dozen female ducks and two male ducks and by goodness were the males so much better looking than the females but of course it’s the same with us bulldogs.

After that we went all the way round Westfield and up to the high walk where eight trees were cut down earlier this year because they were so old that water had been coming through the roots and they were unsafe. New trees are to be planted there. Then we went up into the plantation and back down to the car and back to Aberdeen. It was a long walk but I enjoyed it.

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