Trouble sleeping

It is very unfair. I can understand Daddy and Mummy and Jen when they say “come, sit down, leave, Inchmarlo, car” and so on but they can’t understand what I say to them. Does this make me cleverer than they are?

Anyway what has been happening for some time is that when I am in my own room at night I start barking at about 6 o’clock in the morning , sometimes earlier, and bark and bark and bark. When Jen and her husband Graeme visit, they stay in a part of the house where they can hear me barking and I heard Graeme say that I had barked 100 times in about 3 minutes.

Daddy or Jen has been coming down for sometime at 6.30am to let me out and they have been very displeased with the barking and I have frequently flooded the room or left big poos on the linoleum. In order to try to find out why I am doing this they went and took out my normal bed and put in my favourite bean bag thinking that this might be more comfortable for me and I would stop barking. But I didn’t. I still barked and barked and barked. I heard Daddy say that all this barking cannot possible be good for me and he was extremely worried why I do it because his other bull dogs, Ollie and Jamie, never barked after they were a couple of months old and got used to having their own room.

When Daddy put me to bed one night he did something very unusual. He left the door from my room into the kitchen open and immediately he left the room I followed him in to the kitchen. He said ‘good night’ to me again and shut the door and left. I had the choice of going back to my own room with the door open or sleeping in my day bed in the kitchen. I chose my day bed and when Daddy came at 6.15am he was absolutely delighted to see that I had not done a pee or a poo nor had I been barking. He congratulated me gave me some treats and then let me outside.

The same thing happened the next night and he came down and I was still in my day bed and no pee and no poo. Both Mummy and Daddy congratulated me again and I wish they could understand what I am saying and why I am unhappy in my own room. I’ll be quite happy if I can sleep in my day bed in the kitchen rather than in my bedroom.

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