Inchmarlo Gardens Open Day

Inchmarlo Retirement Community Gardens

Inchmarlo Gardens Autumn Open Day

The Inchmarlo Gardens have been open on the third Sunday in May for over fifty years under Scotland’s Garden Scheme but this was the first time they were open in the autumn. After we dropped Pamela and Charlie at the airport all of us went out to Inchmarlo. Despite the weather forecast predicting that it was going to be a miserable day when we got out to Banchory it was absolutely beautiful! Daddy and I walked around the grounds just to make sure they were looking pristine and in the autumn colours with the sunshine illuminating them, they were just gorgeous.

Sunny Gardens Inchmarlo

The sun shining on Inchmarlo

I went up and looked at all the trees and one of my favourites is this lovely red tree.

Bulldog and tree
Autumn colours at Inchmarlo

Just alongside it, below the new rainbow garden, is a huge copper beech and you can see how big it is with me sitting in the foreground.

bull dog gardens inchmarlo

Humphrey and the copper beech tree

After walking through the gardens and speaking to quite a number of the 150 or so visitors that turned up to see the gardens, we went back down to Inchmarlo House and Daddy put me in the car while he went inside to have a cup of tea and meringues. I would have loved to have gone in but wasn’t allowed to do so. 

Inchmarlo afternoon tea

Enjoying a cup of tea

 Inchmarlo House looked absolutely beautiful in the sunshine.

Inchmarlo Gardens Open Day

Inchmarlo House in the sunshine

And the views from the front door looking across to Scolty with the trees turning were just breathtaking.

View of Scolty from Inchmarlo

View of Scolty Hill from Inchmarlo

The Press and Journal sent out a photographer and Daddy and I were photographed walking alongside the copper beech tree. I was terribly disappointed, however, when they decided not to use that one in the press, but instead two of the ladies looking at the pink neris flowers.

Inchmarlo trees

The Gardens in the sunlight

During the day the clouds came over and it started spitting with rain. I do not like walking in the rain so Daddy put me back in the car. A short time later the rain stopped and the sun came out, so he took me out of the car and we went back up through the Alpine Garden again. It is absolutely amazing how the trees look different in different lighting conditions. For example, the wonderful copper beech tree was absolutely glorious and I cannot wait until I am slightly older so I can lift my leg on it.

Copper beech tree Inchmarlo gardens open day

The beautiful copper beech tree

Lots of the visitors spoke to me and some even said, “this must be Humphrey”. I can only assume that they have been reading my blog.

The trees beside the putting green were absolutely lovely.

Putting green trees inchmarlo

The Putting Green

When we were walking back to Inchmarlo House we came across Heather Morrison, who organises the Forget-Me-Not Club, and her husband and we spoke to them for a while.

When we got back to Aberdeen I was absolutely exhausted with all the excitement and had wonderful snooze on my beanbag.

Bull dog sleeping

Humphrey snoozing on his beanbag after an exciting day

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