Fun Times with the Family

What an exciting week. Mummy and Daddy’s two daughters and grandchildren came to visit. One day we all went out for coffee to Bruce Millers. On the way back Daddy picked up a massive inflatable banana, five times longer than me, which they had to blow up. I barked and ran away because I didn’t like the sound of the banana being inflated. Charlie (2) had tremendous fun with the banana, chasing me and the other boys with it.

Bull Dog and banana

Humphrey and Charlie playing with Banana

Bulldog and children playing with banana

Humphrey and the boys with banana

Another favourite game which we participated in all week was the tunnel. Charlie, the older boys and I would all enter the tunnel at one side and come out the other, then Charlie would put the tunnel upright and would hide inside it, thinking that nobody would know where he was. Tremendous fun, but oh what a noise!

Charlie and tunnel


Bulldog in tunnel

Humphrey playing in the tunnel

Charlie was playing with his small dolls farmhouse and I went over to help him and sniffed all the items one by one. When he dropped a couple on the floor I started chewing them but then had my mouth forcibly opened and the toys were removed. Pity, they tasted different.

Bull Dog and Charlie playing with toys

Charlie and Humphrey playing with toy farm

Bull Dog and child playing

Mmm those look tasty...

After a very busy day of rushing about I would go to my beanbag to have a snooze but I soon found out that Charlie and the boys also liked resting on it.  

Bulldog and boys sleeping on beanbag

Humphrey and the boys snoozing on the beanbag

On a nice sunny afternoon in the conservatory I had my photograph taken with Charlie and don’t we both look good?

Humphrey and Charlie on chair

Humphrey and Charlie

Bull Dog and child in conservatory

Humphrey and Charlie again

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