A great Sunday out at Inchmarlo

It was a Sunday and we all went out to Inchmarlo.  One of my favourite residents, Doctor Margaret was having her 85th birthday celebration and her friend made her a wonderful cake.  Since there was food involved I wasn’t allowed to be in the bar with them but I saw the photographs that Daddy took of Doctor Margaret cutting the cake and it looked lovely.  I felt very jealous that I wasn’t allowed to have a piece of it.

Inchmarlo Retirement Village 85th Birthday

Dr Margaret and her birthday cake

Afterwards we went a walk all round Inchmarlo and up the main garden. Daddy took a photograph of me in a beautiful part of the alpine garden beside the pink Neires, two shrubs one red and one copper coloured. 

Bulldog in Alpine Garden Inchmarlo

Humphrey in the Alpine Garden

After that we walked all the way through Pinefield and then down through Westfield where I met a very old doggie who is now blind, out for a walk with her owner.  Apparently she couldn’t see me but she smelt me – poor old doggie. 

Inchmarlo Retirement Village Garden

Inchmarlo Gardens

Inchmarlo Care Home Garden Banchory

Inchmarlo Gardens

When we were walking back we met another Home Owner who Daddy hadn’t seen for quite some time and he and his daughter had a chat and I went and spoke to them both.  Both patted me a number of times. 

Inchmarlo Westfield

Houses in Westfield, Inchmarlo

When in Westfield we walked down and I went up to speak to the sheep but they would not come over and speak to me despite the fact there was a wire fence between us.

Humphrey watching sheep at Inchmarlo

Humphrey trying to make friends with the sheep

Next Sunday it’s the Autumn Open Day at Inchmarlo and it is the first time that the gardens are going to be open in the autumn.  A percentage of the gate money will go to Scottish Gardens Scheme charities with the balance going to the Forget-Me-Not Club in Banchory.  Quite a lot of the Home Owners attend the club both in Inchmarlo House and also in the scout hut in Banchory.

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