Humphrey conquers his fear

Daddy had an appointment at Inchmarlo and I sat in the Mercedes while he was working and then he opened the door, undid my safety belt and asked me to jump out of the car. I was most unwilling to do it because the height between the grass and the car seat was twice my height and I thought that Daddy was being most unreasonable in asking me to jump.

Eventually, when I wouldn’t do it, he put out a dish with water and tried to get me to go and drink the water and then he let me smell some treats, and put them on the grass to encourage me to jump.

After a little while I edged further and further forward until my paws were on the chromium sill of the car and I plucked up my courage and jumped onto the grass. Daddy told me what a brave boy I was.

Bulldog in car

Ready to take a leap!

Humphrey in Mercedes

Humphrey in the car

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