Humphrey’s fear of heights

We all went out to Inchmarlo and after Mummy and Daddy and all the residents had their lunch I went in to speak to my friends. Before that, however, Daddy and Mummy told people that I’m getting so heavy that they no longer want to lift me into and out of the cars. I know that I look tough and fearless but I’m really just a young boy at heart and I am very nervous about jumping out of the car onto the ground.

Daddy parked his car next to the grass and tried to persuade me to jump out and I spent ages coming forward and getting cold paws and going back in the car again until eventually Karen’s other daughter, who had wanted to meet me, arrived and I was so keen to meet the daughter of the lady who keeps giving me bosies that I eventually fell out of the car onto the grass and had a good time with her. Let’s hope I’m going to be able to do it again.

When we got back to Aberdeen Daddy tried to get me to jump out of the boot of the car onto the tar macadam which looks much harder than the grass and I didn’t want to do it. So he left me in the car and went into the house leaving the boot open and the front door open and left me on my own.

After what seemed like absolutely ages, when I still had not jumped down, Daddy came out and helped me out of the car by lifting my harness with his left hand and my rear legs with his right hand. I think its Daddy’s fault for having a car which is so high off the ground.  

Humphrey scared to jump

Humphrey in the boot

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