Visit to the Vets

Back out to Ardene Vets, greeted as usual by my receptionist girlfriends who all came round the desk to speak to me and I had a lovely time being petted.  Then I went through for my appointment with Brenda, the vet, was weighed and I am now weighing 16.50 kilos so I am now getting a heavy boy.  I was lifted up on the table again…

Bulldog at the vet

Humphrey on the table

Brenda then manicured my toenails and looked in my ears.  

Bulldog at vet

Getting my ears checked

Bulldog getting toenails clipped

Humphrey getting a manicure

She opened my mouth to have a look inside and said that I now had all my adult teeth. 

Bulldog dentist

Checking my teeth

I must say I found the treatment very soporific but I couldn’t understand why Brenda went and put on a pair of rubber gloves again. She turned me round and Daddy held my head close to him and then I understood why when she put her finger up my bottom. Daddy thought I was acting strangely again and rubbing my bottom against the grass or concrete.  Brenda said, “Oh, he’s got a slight blockage in his anal gland.”  This was the second time it has happened to me, it wasn’t painful but it’s most embarrassing for a young boy like me to have a pretty girl do that to him.

Afterwards we went out to the reception and my reception girlfriends said how good I had been and gave me a biscuit.  A lady came in with a huge Alsatian which looked at me and barked a few times.  I would have loved to have gone and spoken to it but it did not seem to be friendly, maybe it was afraid of me.

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