Humphrey- rising star in the USA!

It was raining and I just do not like puddles. They are cold on my feet and I try to avoid them as much as possible. Why does Daddy get to wear thick rubber soled shoes or Wellington boots whilst I am expected to put my feet in them?

Humphrey Bulldog Inchmarlo

Humphrey in the rain

Bulldog inchmarlo puddles

Humphrey doesn't like the puddles

Rebecca Quimby runs a blog in America and she has been trying to contact Daddy and vice versa. They finally managed to speak to each other in the evening and Rebecca told Daddy that she is one of ten different writers who contribute to the Paw Nation blog. She wanted to know more about me, why Daddy chose me and how I am getting on at Inchmarlo. Daddy explained everything to her; that I was I was the successor to first Jamie, then Ollie, and that I was getting on very well in my role as Therapy Pet (Canine) in Training. They had quite a long conversation and Rebecca is probably going to feature me in the Paw Nation blog. This means I’m likely to be one of the most famous bulldogs in America as well as Britain. Isn’t it exciting?!

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