A trip to the Vet

We had an appointment at Ardene Kennels in Kingswells and we arrived at 9.15 for the 9.30 appointment. I love going into the vets because many of my friends were there and they greeted me. Linda, the practice manager, came and spoke to me and told us that they also had a blog, so she took my photograph to include in it. I was only too pleased to be featuring in another blog.

My appointment was with Catherine and Daddy lifted me up onto the high table and explained what was wrong. Catherine then went and got rubber gloves and put them on. I wondered why she needed rubber gloves. I soon found out.

Daddy held me very closely and stroked my ears and chest but quite frankly it’s extremely difficult to enjoy normal petting when a pretty young girl is sticking her finger up my bottom. I made a number of noises to say, “I’m not enjoying this” and Catherine said, “the right anal gland is blocked but that’s it cleared now”. Afterwards Catherine said that I had behaved extremely well but I would not recommend that experience to anybody. When we finished the treatment I was weighed yet again and I’m now 15.2 kilos. Everybody says that I’m getting to be a big boy, in fact Linda said that I was growing into a handsome teenager.

Bulldog Inchmarlo Ardene Kennels Kingswells

Humphrey at the Vet

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