Another Food tasting at Inchmarlo

While I snoozed in the back of the car without anything to eat and only water to drink, Daddy and Susie were in the bar at Inchmarlo sampling recipes for the Food Tasting Dinner to be held on Friday 12 November. I heard Daddy tell Mummy that they sampled:

First Courses: Smoked Trout Pate with Horseradish Cream and Melba toast (Ramsay), Potato, tomato and basil soup (Simon Hopkinson)

Second Course: Pan Fried Cod Fillets with Courgette (Joel Robuchon), Salmon in pastry with currents and ginger (Simon Hopkinson)

Third Course: Prince Consort Pudding (Mary Norwak), Orange Mousse (Simon Hopkinson)

He said that the food was extremely good and that they had decided on the menu for the next food tasting Dinner, which is to include:

1. Sweet pepper potage (Joel Robuchon)

2. Fresh Tagliatelle with Stilton and mushrooms (Gordon Ramsay)

3. Salmon in pastry with currents and ginger (Simon Hopkinson)

4. Lamb Tagine with Rice (Joel Robuchon)

5. Prince Consort Pudding (Mary Norwak)

6. Orange Mousse (Simon Hopkinson)

I must say that I feel very hard done by. I am a member of staff but all I get is Pedigree Puppy Food Chicken and Rice. After lunch I went in and spoke to my friends as usual and then Daddy took me down to the staff house to see a new gate being erected by Jack. It was a very enjoyable day but I’m still not pleased about the unfairness regarding the food!

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