Feeling poorly

Not good days. I felt very poorly and there’s something wrong with my nether regions. After I have finished doing a poo -which I’m doing more frequently and sometimes in the wrong place- there’s something in my nether regions that makes me rush off like a scalded cat and then drag my bottom over the grass, tar macadam or concrete.

Over the weekend we went on a walk around the Den and we met a neighbour with three beautiful golden retrievers one of whom was only eight months old and I thought she was beautiful. She was three times my height but I still managed to get up on my hind legs and give her a good sniff all over her face. I liked her and I think she liked me. The other dogs were very pleasant and didn’t show any sign of any jealously at all. When the owners asked how I was, Mummy told them about my rear end problems. They said, “oh that sounds like an anal gland problem”. Daddy said, “we’ve never experienced that problem with any of our other bulldogs but we will look into it”. He phoned the vet and explained the problem to them and they confirmed that it could be an anal gland problem, whatever that means. So he went out and got some more worming pills and in order to make it easier for me to eat he put them into a piece of a Cambozola cheese which I absolutely adored.

Humphrey Bulldog Cambozola cheese

Humphrey loves Cambozola

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