Humphrey teething

Oh dear, not a good weekend. On the evening of day 98 and all through days 99 and 100 I was drooling and as a result whilst I was dozing in my bean bag, which is covered in a waterproof material, I ended up dozing in a small puddle. Mummy looked at my teeth and said that I was teething. All I know is that my mouth was very sore and I was not feeling very happy with myself.

That wasn’t the worst of it however. I really blotted my copy book over the weekend by leaving a pee and poo underneath the grand piano in the drawing room so that when Daddy came home he said to Mummy, “where is that smell coming from?” He went to look and found it, and my goodness did I get a telling off! I was told I was especially stupid because the conservatory door to the garden was open and I could have gone outside. I’ll have to blame my sore gums which made me not think straight.

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