Food Tasting at Inchmarlo Retirement Village

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo for a food sampling. This is apparently when new recipes from Michelin starred and famous chefs all over the world are tested by Daddy and senior staff at Inchmarlo, and then they discuss the suitability of the recipes with Colin, the head chef. I gather that he had a wonderful time, sampling six different courses, of which all were by Gordon Ramsay except the Rabbit Shoulder with prunes which was by a chef called Bob Uchon.

They sampled smoked salmon and horseradish cream tart; chorizo, broad bean and mint couscous; smoked haddock with white bean and parsley; pork fillet stroganoff and pear and frangipane tart which they loved.

The rabbit shoulder with prunes was very tasty but the small bones meant it was not suitable for the residents or Home Owners. 

Needless to say, I wasn’t allowed into the bar or the dining room for hygiene reasons and did not get to sample any of the food. I heard Daddy say to Mummy later how good some of the recipes were. It’s a bit unfair that whilst they were sampling these recipes all I got to eat was Pedigree chicken and rice. Apparently no fewer than 15 Gordon Ramsay recipes have been sampled and are on the menus for the Head Chef to select from. The favourite is My Rice Pudding.

I think Gordon Ramsay also has a Bulldog. Perhaps I should contact him and get some of the recipes of the food that he gets served, I bet it’s tastier than mine.

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