More Press Coverage and Photo Duties

Being interviewed with Inchmarlo residents

Daddy was on his way out to the Probus Club at Ballater to speak about Inchmarlo when he got a phone call to say that an agency wished to send a photographer out to Inchmarlo to photograph me and some of the people in the Care Home. On the way he came to meet me, Mummy took me out and we all met up at 2.30 in the afternoon when the photographer, Chris, photographed me with the three people from the Care Home.

The first lady was Mrs Jean Faulks who had lived in Inchmarlo in a Courtyard House for many years before moving into the Care Home. She was proud to tell the photographer that she is now 95 years old.

The second of my friends is Mrs Pat Hollis who lives in the community but had an accident a little while ago and so came in for respite care in Inchmarlo House. After we were finished being photographed together she spoke to the reporter Vicky and told her a little bit about how she enjoyed me visiting her.

I was then photographed with Doctor Margaret Black who told Chris, and then Vicky on the phone, that she’d been a home owner in Pinefield for many years before she decided that she wished to move into Inchmarlo House and she said how happy she was. Unfortunately Daddy was on the phone to Vicky and therefore he didn’t take a photograph of me with Doctor Black.

Press agency reporter interviewing Inchmarlo residents

Whilst I was being photographed one of the home owners from Westfield walked along with his Cairn Terrier who was off his lead. I was also off my lead and didn’t have my harness on and when I saw the Cairn Terrier we went towards each other and then the Cairn Terrier took off and absently rushed away from me with his owner going after him.

Mummy shouted at me and everybody was tremendously impressed when I stopped chasing the dog and came back and carried on with my photo session, after all we models have to be professional when we are “on the job” so-to-speak.


About Humphrey The Dog

I am a bulldog - and the rather cuddly therapy assistant (canine) at Inchmarlo Retirement Community
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