Appearing on TV

Being filmed by STV

This was going to be one of the most exciting days of my life. STV had heard about my appointment at Inchmarlo and it was arranged they were going to come out to see me doing my job. Three people came, Euan was the reporter plus a cameraman and a young girl who was a student at RGU but was on work experience.

We met outside and then Daddy took them through Inchmarlo House and they saw the Reception Lounge, the Dining Room, the Drawing Room, the Picture Gallery and the Red Drawing Room and they were worked out where they were going to film. The Forget-me-Not Club were meeting in the Drawing Room with people from the Community playing cards.

Daddy told them what was going to be happening and asked them if they would mind if STV came in and filmed me speaking to them. They all said that they would be very happy for this to happen.

It was decided that the cameraman would be in the Reception Lounge and they would film me walking in and then me speaking to the people in the Drawing Room. The Forget-me-Not people stopped playing their games and moved on to the settees either side of the fireplace and I went in and was filmed speaking to them.

Mrs E from the Courtyard lifted me up on her knee and then handed me over to Mr J from Queen Victoria Park. They both petted me and spoke to me and we all had a great time. Two of the Home Owners who were now living in Inchmarlo House, one permanently, and one in for respite care were interviewed by Euan and they both said how much I brightened up the residents day when I arrived.

Looking at my blog with reporter Euan

After that we all went up to The Courtyard where Daddy and I were filmed walking up to see a couple of the Home Owners who had lost their own dog not very long ago. After that we went back to Inchmarlo House where I was filmed having my lunch. I went back into the car when Daddy was interviewed by Euan.

It was very pleasing to hear all the residents and some of the Home Owners who were down helping with the Forget-me-Not Club saying how pleased they were to see me and how happy I made many of the residents.

I can’t wait to see myself on television.


About Humphrey The Dog

I am a bulldog - and the rather cuddly therapy assistant (canine) at Inchmarlo Retirement Community
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