Day 84: A Victorian Afternoon

Enjoying a Victorian talk at Inchmarlo

When we arrived at Inchmarlo I couldn’t go and speak to my friends, the Residents, because they were having a special social event. Joan Anderson dresses up in Victorian clothes and tells stories from Victorian times and the cape she showed the Residents could have been worn by Queen Victoria herself. It was on loan from Sheena Hepburn who owned an antique shop in Ballater.

Joan said that there was a group of people from The Netherlands visiting Aberdeenshire including a lady of over 90 who was a retired lace maker and when she looked at the type of lace on the cape she said, “This was made by a firm in England which specialised in lace for royalty and it is possible that this was made for Queen Victoria.” I heard the residents saying how much they had enjoyed the talk.

Daddy and I walked all round Westfield, and as we passed one of the houses on the top row, the Shih Tzu who clearly doesn’t like me barked at me and got so excited he nearly fell out of the half open window! Falling out would have served him right for being so unfriendly.

Further on we met another Home Owner whose dog, a West Highland Terrier, came out to see me. I was on my lead, he was off his lead, but when I went as close to him as I could get he looked at me, and suddenly turned round and ran back into the garage. Then his master came out and he spoke to me and was very friendly – more than I can say for his dog.

It was a nice long walk and when we came back home I had a long snooze in my new day bed, a beanbag which Jen gave me and I absolutely adore it.


About Humphrey The Dog

I am a bulldog - and the rather cuddly therapy assistant (canine) at Inchmarlo Retirement Community
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