Day 66: A Holiday Round Up

Enjoying cuddles with the Brown family

Time passed very quickly in Edinburgh. I was taken out for walks by Cameron and Hamish and Auntie Jen almost every day, we had some super times in Edinburgh and I liked sleeping in my bean bag in my new room.

One day during my holiday in Edinburgh was particularly special. I thought it was going to be a normal relaxing day on my beanbag, interrupted only by a few walks with Auntie Jennifer (it was a lovely day), but no!  In the afternoon the doorbell went and I went to find out who it was, I like meeting new people, and I couldn’t believe it!

Saying hello to my young friends

It was The Brown family – who are my birth family – Alastair “Dad”, Stacey “Mum”, Emmie and Ava my “sisters”.  We were all so excited to see each other it was pandemonium.  Alastair immediately picked me up for a big cuddle and it was like I was back in Coatbridge – all those happy memories of playing with my sisters, Beau and Warrick and Daisy.

Alastair had also brought his Dad to visit – I felt so special and loved.

We spent the afternoon playing in the garden.  I loved it.  The girls were great – they don’t mind me climbing all over them.  I felt really bad because I scratched Ava’s head by mistake – I hope she’s OK – but she didn’t mind, she just laughed.  We played with the toys the girls had given me when I left Coatbridge, I sleep with them every night.  The girls noticed that I didn’t have a wee teddy bear with me, I left it behind in Aberdeen by mistake but I know it’s safe for me when I get back home.

And enjoying some older friends' company too!

It was great to be cuddled by Stacey and she was really pleased to see how much I’d grown and how well and healthy I was.  She and Alastair used to take turns doing the night feeds when I was a baby – I know that they loved me a lot to do that because they both had to get up for a full day’s work each morning, no matter how little sleep they had the night before.  She and Alistair complimented me on my nose and my jaw – evidence of good breeding, of which they were especially proud.

We played for the whole afternoon and had a great time.  It was so lovely of The Browns to visit me – I miss them all despite being so happy in my new home and in my job.  I hope that I’ll be able to see them again soon.

Accidential scratch I left on Ava's head.

They told my that my brother Sunny, who’s moved to Perthshire, also loves football.  The Browns had visited him the weekend before and noticed that we have the same ball skills.  I’d love to have a game with him sometime.  That would be a fun reunion!

When The Browns left I was exhausted so I curled up on my beanbag and fell asleep knowing how lucky I was to be so well loved and cared for by so many people.  I drifted off into very happy dreams.


About Humphrey The Dog

I am a bulldog - and the rather cuddly therapy assistant (canine) at Inchmarlo Retirement Community
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