Day 47: A Change of Scenery

Beginning my holiday in Edinburgh

I had a great sleep despite being in a kitchen in unfamiliar surroundings and had a relatively uneventful night so that when Uncle Graeme got up he was as glad to see me as I was him.

Despite waking with high expectations for a fun day based on how well I was treated yesterday, I was sorely disappointed with the lack of attention I received today – Hamish and Cameron left for an all-day Football Camp and Uncle Graeme seemed to find working more interesting than playing with me! 

I thought his sitting at a desk was Uncle Graeme’s idea of playing “hard to get” and I played along for a while.  I began by “looking cute” and staring at him with wide-eyed appeal – he ignored me!  Then I began with gentle “ahems” – still nothing.  So then I turned it up a bit….I barked – he asked me to be quiet – please?!  What kind of a person is he?  I’m a guest in his home, at his request, and he’s ignoring me.

I think my Uncle Graeme must be partly deaf or blind because despite my dropping more and more hints and even taking a nap to show my disdain he seemed oblivious to my needs.  I endeavoured to “shock” him back to reality by leaving him – how shall I put it – a little present under his chair. 

Well, this worked a treat.  I’ve never seen a human move so fast.

Sadly, this wasn’t the wake up call I had hoped.  He wasn’t best pleased and while I received a lot of attention it was of the least pleasant kind.  He was really cross with me – it really put a dampner on my day and I missed my Mummy and Daddy tremendously.  They just “get” me you know?

Unfortunately my first day in Edinburgh went from bad to worse.  Hamish and Cameron were nowhere to be seen, Graeme and I weren’t “speaking” the same language and I was terribly homesick. 

I decided to give Uncle Graeme another chance though – clearly he was finding it difficult to accept my position as Alpha Male.  I vowed to give him some time to adjust.

But then, oh dear reader you’ll never guess what happened next, he left me!  For three hours!  On my own, in a strange house, in a foreign city.  Just what was going on?  This is no way to treat a guest.

I have to admit that I lost control and staged a “dirty protest”.  He would have to get the “message” now!

I won’t go into details but let’s just say that Uncle Graeme was greatly affected by the state of me and my room when he returned home.

My only regret is that when he spoke to Auntie Jen on the phone he was barking at her as if she had been the one who had soiled the kitchen.  I felt very bad about this – but I couldn’t help myself. 

Fortunately Hamish and Cameron came home soon after this and we played and played in the garden. 

The day ended relatively well, considering, as, well you’ll never guess.  Uncle Graeme gave me a room upgrade!  He moved me to the conservatory with it’s own en suite.  I accepted his apology and graciously acknowledged the gesture and resolved to have a dry night – a clean slate!

Only 18 days, and counting, till Mummy and Daddy get home!


About Humphrey The Dog

I am a bulldog - and the rather cuddly therapy assistant (canine) at Inchmarlo Retirement Community
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